How to transform your thesis into a book?

In the massive world of publishing, through blogs, one can not make big money. So decide where you want to devote your time and energy. Many people read the blogs because they respect the writer’s scholarship.

Get a reality check
When trying to find the right press, you should ask around widely. Listen to the advice of people who are within ten years of your age. The same principle applies if you start treating your manuscript like your dissertation.

Expertise in digital publishing helps in the academic career
There’s a window opening now. Developing knowledge in digital publishing could help in your academic career.

Know the basics of the proposal
To get published, demonstrate clear, proper referenced argument. Also, Know your audience.

Can your book be used to teach?
Many book publishers have switched tactics, from selling books to institutions to selling books to individuals. So it helps to convince a publisher that a book has pedagogic potential.
Understand the relationship between print and online publications: Online, journals are more credible. There is still a prestige factor with print. The majority of libraries even opt to subscribe to print and online access. With books, print still sells! Some publishing experiments show that digital innovation increases print sales of a book. So it is essential to see how print and online publications interact with each other.

Book Publishers look favorably on blogging
It demonstrates that a scholar is actively engaging with a research community and is interested in promoting their work. It’s a marketing tool publishers cannot ignore.

Take the advice of an editor
Editors know much about the publishing landscape. If appropriately asked they are happy to give information even when we’re turning down a proposal.
The success of publishing depends on the selection of right book publisher: Which kinds of genre publisher deal in, do the publisher is publishing the book in your subject area. Look for these things first on the website of the publisher. Also, follow the guidance publisher offer for potential authors and ensure your proposal has all the required elements.

Potential authors have to engage in marketing their book actively
These days, it is challenging to publish a book. You need not sit back after submitting the manuscript and wait for the royalties to roll in. No matter how good it is, the publishing world is much more demanding of potential authors. Authors these days, need to be active in promoting their book to their colleagues, friends and other networks, through writing articles, speaking at conferences and other events, and so on.

Not be disappointed if your research is niche
Niche books are stronger than general titles. It is now very much more comfortable to gain access to niche markets and to sell directly to them. So if someone is writing for a particular niche, it is vital to ensure that the potential readers know about the book.

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